About Us

A number of companies, banks and development actors have come together to form the LPG4SDG7 – together for cleaner cooking. By sharing information and working together, we can help bring cleaner cooking to millions of households, faster and at scale.

While progress is being made in global electrification, four billion people, almost half of the world’s population, lack access to clean cooking facilities. Many of these people are concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa, where the use of charcoal and wood for cooking is still prevalent, resulting in poor health, deforestation and climate change. The lack of modern cooking solutions also has gender equality consequences, resulting in lost economic opportunities.

The use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for cooking is a vital step in the energy transition to low- and zero-carbon sources. While LPG is a carbon-based fuel, it is immeasurably cleaner than alternatives, such as charcoal, and the quantities needed are small compared to the use of carbon-based fuels by wealthier populations.

Technological advances and partnerships are also enabling scalable distribution of LPG to low-income households, via innovative business solutions, such as solar powered smart metering.