Key workstreams

The Coalition’s - four key workstreams

LPG4SDG7 has divided the joint efforts into four different workstreams.

1. Commercially viable projects – This workstream is focused on developing and agreeing standard terms of reference for commercially viable LPG projects. The cost-efficient distribution of LPG from supplier to household currently takes a long time. By standardising contract terms and by bringing together several projects into the same financing arrangements, the time it takes to develop a project can be shortened and scale achieved faster.

2. Blended finance – This workstream is dedicated to developing blended finance solutions for the LPG supply chain. Parts of the LPG supply chain, for example bottling, are often challenging to finance on commercial conditions. In these circumstances, blended finance solutions mixing concessionary development finance with private capital can be essential. Such financial arrangements are often time consuming and complicated to agree, requiring a high degree of trust amongst those involved. By developing practical and standardised frameworks for blended finance solutions for clean cooking, the LPG4SDG7 Coalition aims to achieve significantly faster provision of LPG for clean cooking.

3. Government good practices – This workstream is focused on advising governments on how best to develop the market for LPG for clean cooking, and on gathering and developing clear government practices and guidelines.

4. Communication – This workstream is dedicated to promoting the benefits of LPG for clean cooking.