Mission and goals

LPG4SDG7 Mission Statement

The LPG4SDG7 coalition (the “Coalition”) commits to helping achieve Sustainable Development Goal 7, which calls for universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, through growing markets for liquefied petroleum gas (“LPG”) for clean cooking.

LPG4SDG7 Short-Term Goals

The Coalition is committed to energy solutions with low or zero carbon emissions. LPG for cooking has significant climate, health and environmental benefits over the traditional use of biomass. LPG for cooking should be considered as a transition fuel, to be replaced over time with lower or zero carbon-emitting fuels such as bioLPG.

The Coalition and its supporters will further the use of LPG for clean cooking by working with governments and other stakeholders on the enabling environment for attracting investment capital and LPG projects. The Coalition and its supporters intend to advocate for, mobilize resources for, and seek to facilitate and implement at large scale LPG value chain projects for, supplying LPG for clean cooking.

LPG for power should also be seen as a transition fuel when it contributes to displacing the existing and potential use of fuels such as diesel and enables reliable power supplies, provided it does not or will not displace renewable sources. Large LPG supply for power can contribute to the economical supply of LPG for cooking.

In 2021, the Coalition will:

a) establish what it believes to be commercially viable projects by developing a standardized list of the topics needed to be addressed, blended finance approaches, international developer viewpoints on viable pricing regimes and tax policies, and advocacy and education strategies;

b) make a list of those sub-Saharan African countries where the potential is high, notably in terms of carbon assessment, demand, infrastructures, fuel availability, and where there is political will to develop LPG for clean cooking, and select at least two of them with which to work initially;

c) consult and develop a framework with like-minded governments and bring them together with international project developers and financing sources; and

d) deepen and further organize the involvement of its supporters, ensuring that the Coalition has continuous support from its supporters, speaks with one voice on the important issues, and acts in a collaborative way.

Coalition supporters are committed to working together and with governments in transparent and accountable ways. The Coalition will produce an Annual Report on Best Practice for LPG projects addressing access to LPG for clean cooking (and pace of scale up), safety, energy transition and environmental impact, and government policy, regulation and leadership.

Supporters will express their support for the Coalition by making public statements to this effect, or by relaying its communication. They may choose to contribute financially to the collective effort.